Dresden woman's self-published book a hit among Amazon's faith-based categories

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After self-publishing her first book, a Dresden-area woman says she “can’t believe” that the story of her personal perseverance and faith journey has climbed the online charts.

Judy Paling’s book, Living Proof: True Stories of One Person’s Faith Journey from Wounded to Warrior, has become an Amazon bestseller in five different categories since it was released in December, the author said.

Paling added that the book has topped each of those categories – Christian Ministry, Christian Youth Ministry, Christian Soteriology, Christian Evangelism and Ecumenism – at one point since its release.

“Living Proof is a compelling account of loss, pain, injustice and embracing opportunities for healing as (Paling) transformed from wounded to warrior,” the Dresden author wrote in a book description. “In real personal accounts, she shares mini-stories of her life and loved ones as examples of living faith through prayer, hope, forgiveness, the power of presence and answering God’s call to go.”


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The book covers the ups and downs, challenges, miracles, wonders and wows that Paling has experienced throughout her lifetime, she said.

Paling said she’s read reviews where people explain the profound impact the book has had on them. It’s those reviews – where people said the book gave them hope, inspiration and courage – that have brought Paling to tears.

“This was a part of me that I was seeing and reading in front of me, I mean I wept,” she said.

The local community, Paling said, has been pushing her to pen her story for years.

“Too many people to count have encouraged me and have quite frankly told me, assertively, ‘You need to write your book,’ and that’s so precious and so gracious of them,” Paling said. “People have asked for years and here it is.”

Paling used Self Publishing School, which she says is an online institution that coaches people through the entire of process of authoring and self-publishing their work. It’s there that she learned that everyone has a purpose and people must “put what is in our heart on paper, in a book where the world can read it.”

She said everyone has a story and her book takes people through her “tremendous loss and pain,” but also her hope and embrace of healing.

“If people read this and they say, ‘Oh my gosh, if she can go through this, if she can endure this, if she can survive this and come out with a purpose in her suffering, there’s a bigger plan,'” Paling said.

Living Proof is available as an ebook and paperback on Amazon.

Paling said she’ll be voicing an audiobook version, which will capture her inflection and emotion, that’s set to come out in the spring.

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